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hi, i'm nadia

I’m a Real Estate Photographer that specialises in photo shooting Home Realty in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape Garden Route. On the one hand this implies photo shooting properties for sale, on the one other hand, properties for accommodation purposes.

My photo shoots typically include a variety (all angles) of interior as well as exterior photos, interesting features and special amenities.

Customarily my Clients are Real Estate Agencies, private sellers and accommodation providers. Should you need a property photo shoot for any other purpose though, I will gladly oblige.

my package includes

Free Quote • Free Consultation • Edited Photos

(On a memory stick provided by the Client  or  By means of a Google Drive link)

In order for me to prepare a realistic quote, I first need to familiarise myself with the property to be photographed. Furthermore, I need to know the exact needs and expectations of the Client. This is also a good time for the Client to get clarification about my services and expectations.

The Quote Includes:

  • Fuel expenses
  • Photo shooting time
  • Number of photos
  • Photo editing time

for my personal joy

Although I specialise in Real Estate Photography, in my leisure time I also experiment with other types of photography. These photos I shoot solely for my own pleasure.

I love to shoot in nature where there is so much beauty if you only care to really look. Likewise, I shoot landscapes, seascapes, and creative still-life pictures.
The wild power of the sea on a stormy day, opposed to the fragile beauty of an unbroken seashell on the beach. The regal poise of a huge adult lion, contrary to the extended tongue of a tiny sugar-bird preparing to extract nectar from the flower…

If you would like to experience the joy and wonder of nature as captured by my camera, you are welcome to:

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“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things in words”
– Elliott Erwitt

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